Free Fortune Teller

About Madame Poot

Madame Poot is a very old fortune teller, and very different from all other fortune tellers. While traveling through some ungodly desert, the engine of her pink 1970's Cadillac convertible died due to lack of oil, so there is where she lives today. She's seen many things in her life, most of which she can't really remember.

Her carrier as a fortune teller in the fortune telling business has allowed her to travel around the world several times. She has given spiritual advice to people the world over, including fellow fortune tellers. Her many journeys has taught her many lessons... one such lesson for herself being that she is much better off in English speaking countries since she can't really speak any foreign language. Nevertheless she takes any opportunity she gets to travel to any country, as long as she gets to eat for free.

In 1997 she experienced the internet for the first time, as she was asked to work on several internet startups along other fortune tellers. Since then she's invested heavily on the internet industry where her fortune telling skills came in quite handy. Soon after achieving financial independence, she decided to buy a few apartments on top of a movie theater, and provide her services free of charge on the Web.

Since her services are free, Madame Poot doesn't feel, nor have, any obligation to be nice to anyone who consults her, nor to always be accurate, specially since she likes to drink... Please use your own judgment when reading anything Madame Poot says! Just like all other fortune tellers, she can not be made responsible for any lost profits or consequential damages that may result in following her advice! Remember... she is a free fortune teller with attitude!